Our Menus

  • The menu at Gee’s is revised and refreshed on a regular basis, changing in tandem with the seasons and market availability of produce, this enables us to ensure that only the best local produce is used in preparing our food for your eating experience.

    All of our suppliers are based in the North West of England and we only source from reputable people who take pride in what they do. If producers in South Cheshire can provide what we require we will buy from our neighbours. We try to make our menus creative, imaginative and original in its presentation whilst ensuring that the clean fresh flavours of our food leave a lasting impression that can become highly addictive.

    If at any time you require an explanation of how the dish is constructed or further details of its provenance, one of the waiters or the chefs (if they are not too busy cooking) will be delighted to explain.

    If you have a passion for outstanding cuisine and enjoy new eating experiences then a visit to Gee’s Kitchen will be sure to tickle your palate. If traditional food is what you crave then we have a good choice of dishes that will satisfy your tastes.

    Breakfast Menu 2015

    Christmas Menu 2015 – Evening

    Christmas Menu 2015 – Lunchtime

    Christmas Day Menu 2015

    Sample Evening Menu 2015